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  The Rules Dating Advice - Online dating is easy and simple.

  Tips For Guys: Making That First Meet and Greet a Success.

  Alright guys, so you’ve finally sorted through all the profiles and possibilities, and you think that you’ve found someone that you can really connect with. You’ve done the online flirting thing for a while now, and it’s finally time to meet in person. I mean, this is the whole reason that you’ve scoured the internet lo these many hours. So let’s not screw it up, OK?  After all, you’d hate to have to start over from scratch at this point. Fear not, because we here at are going to lay out all the groundwork for you. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions.


1. Get a hair cut. Still rocking that pushed up, spikey ‘do from your 2000 clubbing days? Or are you still holding on to your sideburns from the mid-nineties? Maybe your mom still cuts your hair. Whatever the case, it’s time for an upgrade. Grooming is extremely important to women, hence, it should be extremely important to you. Your hair says a lot about you…make sure it’s saying the right thing. 

2. Get a new outfit. If your finances provide, get a whole new wardrobe, but in this current economic climate, we’ll let you off the hook with one new ensemble. We know you love your old Levi’s with holes all over, but that’s only a look that’s acceptable once you’re married and trudging towards death together. Make a good impression, fellas. Some new, stylish clothes will go a longs ways towards covering up all of your other flaws (of which, I’m sure, there are many). 

3. Go to the gym. For the love of sanity, go to the gym. This is a good rule in general, and frankly, you should probably start now, whether you’ve got someone already or not. Because let’s face it—NO women are out there thinking, “Man, if only I could find some out of shape guy with love handles and a beer gut to wrap my arms around.” It doesn’t happen.

4. Make sure you smell good. This is all-encompassing, and includes making sure you’re freshly showered, your hair is washed, your teeth are brushed, and that you’re wearing some cologne that has been purchased since you were in seventh grade.

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 Things He's Hiding on His Dating Profile


In a recent study conducted at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison it was discovered (no surprise here) that 80 percent of people using online dating sites lied about their height, weight, or age. Here are a few more things men tend to lie about when online.

dating lies

His Job
Oh? You're about to go out with a good-looking CEO of a booming start-up? Don't be surprised if that means he has a great idea for an app and is working out of his parents' garage. Most men have a tendency to inflate their titles or responsibilities in order to impress women. It's not a great idea to ask about his salary, but a safe bet is to ask about his title and how large a company he works for. CEO is very impressive, but not if the company is him and his dog.

His Intention
Just because a man is on a dating site does not mean he's looking for a long-term relationship. In fact, if you're on Tinder, you should assume that the guy is trying to get laid and be pleasantly surprised when it turns out he wants to date you. Aside from certain apps like Heavenly Sinful, where you're explicitly asked to say whether you want to hook up or date, the guy's intention is often unknown.

His Height
On average, guys will say they are two inches taller than they actually are, and will assume you're not going to bring a tape measure to the first date. If you're curious, you can wait until his wallet's open while paying for (at least his share) of the bill and say, "Oh! Let me see the photo on your driver's license. Mine is horrible." There, as clear as day, is his height (no one cares enough to lie to the DMV).

His Weight
Men (well, everyone) will post photos of themselves from when they are looking their physical best. So if you show up on date number one and the guy is looking twenty pounds overweight, don't be shocked. If you're lucky it may go the other way; he may have just recovered from breaking up with his long-term girlfriend and lost the gut men tend to accrue when they no longer feel they need to impress their partner. Now that he's single he wants to look great. But the pessimist in me leans toward warning you that he may be a bit heavier than you imagined.

His Worldliness
He may say he loves to travel but that doesn't guarantee he's ever left the United States. He may say he knows a lot about wine but that might just mean he knows that he likes Pinot Noir. Don't assume anything based on the guy's stated hobbies or interests; just like his job description it is likely inflated and made to sound more sophisticated than it actually is.

His Relationship Status
I hate to say it, but even if a guy makes himself available on a dating site it doesn't necessarily mean he's there to seriously date. Single can mean anything from "haven't had a girlfriend in five years and looking for sex" to "newly divorced and sad." There are men who are going through a break-up (but it's not quite over with their gf) or are in an open relationship and they are on these sites because it seems innocent enough, but they are not emotionally available to be with you.

His Age
One of the most common lies on dating profiles is a man fibbing about his age. More often than not he's likely older than he is. If you're in your early twenties and a man says he's 29 there's a chance he might actually be a 35 year-old who knows you would never date someone more than ten years your senior. If that's your thing though, then search for men in that age range... but hope they're not in their 40s.

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